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Museum Historisch Harenkarspel is situated in the Van Blanckendaell zoo in Tuitjenhorn. This village has formerly been part of the municipality of Harenkarspel. In Harenkarspel people mainly practiced agricultural work. Hence, there are a multitude of agricultural machines of the previous century in this museum, as well as tools from craftspeople who made them, such as smiths and carpenters. Furthermore, by means of household items of this time, you come to learn everything about what life was like back then. Each year, there is also a temporary exhibition, so there is something new to experience with each visit! 

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changing exhibitions

Good Toys & 75 Years of Freedom

Also, a temporary exhibition is installed in the museum each year. This year, there are even two of them. 

Good Toys

With gorgeous antique dolls, games, children’s books, strollers, beautiful poetry scrapbooks, children’s crockery, photos and postcards from the period 1900 – 1960. Truly great for adults and children alike!

75 Years of Freedom

In the framework of ’75 Years of Freedom’, there is also an exhibition of photos of the liberation festivities which were held in Harenkarspel in 1945. 

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About Harenkarspel

The former municipality of Harenkarspel was comprised of the villages Tuitjenhorn, Dirkshorn, Eenigenburg, Krabbendam, Sint Maarten, Valkkoog, Waarland and Warmenhuizen and a few hamlets, such as Groenveld, Kalverdijk, Kerkbuurt, ‘t Rijpje, Slootgaard, Stroet and Schoorldam.

It is a very old region with a rich history. Hence, numerous (national) monuments can also be found there, such as cheese-cover farmhouses, mills, residential houses, churches, town halls, bridges, locks and the West-Frisian omringdijk. In 2013 Harenkarspel was annexed by the municipality of Schagen.

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