History of Harenkarspel

The former municipality of Harenkarspel was comprised of the villages Tuitjenhorn, Dirkshorn, Eenigenburg, Krabbendam, Sint Maarten, Valkkoog, Waarland and Warmenhuizen and a few hamlets, such as Groenveld, Kalverdijk, Kerkbuurt, ‘t Rijpje, Slootgaard, Stroet and Schoorldam.

It is a very old region with a rich history. Hence, numerous (national) monuments can also be found there, such as cheese-cover farmhouses, mills, residential houses, churches, town halls, bridges, locks and the West-Frisian omringdijk. In 2013 Harenkarspel was annexed by the municipality of Schagen.

Map from 1867 with the municipal boundaries of Harenkarspel. From: J. Kuyper, Gemeente-atlas van Nederland, 4th volume, northern Holland, 1867. Warmenhuizen and Sint Maarten are still denoted as separate municipalities on this map but were annexed by Harenkarspel in 1990.

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